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The difference between woman and man rape

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Understanding the difference between a woman rape and a gang rape is essential to protecting yourself against this type of crime. Rape is defined as forcibly entering a person's body through the use of violence or the threat of violence; with the victim experiencing either actual force or the threat of force, such as in cases of sexual assault. Gang rape is defined as committing a systematic series of violent sexual assaults on one person by members of a criminal organization. This type of attack has become more common in recent years as many young people are being drawn into the darker side of society and becoming members of gangs.

A woman on her own has no legal standing to claim the consent of a man she has just had sexual intercourse with, nor does she have any responsibility to speak up, and claim her rights to consent to the sexual act. The fact that she did not give express permission for the sexual act to occur should not change the fact that she gave no consent. The law treats a woman's consent as conditional: if she didn't agree to it, then she cannot validly claim the sexual consent either. Often, this means that a woman cannot legally claim the consent even if she was the victim of rape, regardless of whether she was the initiating act or not.

How should a woman respond if she finds herself in a situation where she has been sexually assaulted? The first and most important step is to report the crime to the authorities. It is important for the authorities to know exactly what happened, as they will be investigating the incident. Although a college student may feel embarrassed or even ashamed about reporting a rape, it is important that he or she does so because it is vital to gather concrete evidence to prove whether or not the perpetrator is indeed guilty. Even if a woman feels like she is in the wrong for reporting the crime, it is important for her to do so out of fear for her safety. Too many women remain silent and let a rape occurs, and then later regret not speaking up.

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