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How to go to other islands in Animal Crossing?

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In Animal Crossing, going to friends' islands can be roughly divided into two types: one is the local online island, and the other is the Internet island. Both ways can go to a friend's island. Before that, you need to Buy ACNH Nook Miles Tickets.

Our first step should be to go out. You can't go directly to your friend's island at home. We need to go out to the airport. We need to go out first, and then to the airport. We can choose to go out at the location of the airport. At this time, the options of the online island and Internet island just mentioned will appear.

It's relatively simple to go to the online island, and the player can go directly. But the Internet island is still a bit troublesome. Players need to search for friends' islands or use passwords to get there. Compared to searching, choosing to use a password is easier. Because searching for islands may show that the connection fails, and searching for passwords will not have such problems. You can get some ACNH Bells on your friend's island. There are also requirements when using a password search. Players need to ask friends to cooperate to complete it smoothly. Friends also need to arrive at the airport location, then choose to go out, and then send you the password to log in to the island. You enter the password to search so that you can enter the friend's island smoothly.


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